Italian at the Pacific - Byron Bay Pubs Sydney

Italian at the Pacific

entertainment | Byron Bay NSW 2481

(02) 6680 7055
2 Bay St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Positioned directly opposite Main Beach in Byron Bay, Italian at the Pacific—a contemporary Italian restaurant—offers fresh, generous and distinctive meals in a warm and inviting setting.Our experienced and helpful staff will guide you through our selection of enticing cocktails and wines. We bring together the best of the best for customers to indulge in at our Byron Bay restaurant. Our blackboard menu is changed regularly to reflect the produce available. At our acclaimed Byron Bay Italian restaurant, we have a team of highly talented chefs working with the freshest ingredients. William Ennis, our head chef, has spent many years working in 2 European Michelin Star Restaurants.From intimate dinners for two to group functions and weddings, Italian at the Pacific offers guests the option of inside or courtyard dining. Enjoy the crashing of the Pacific Ocean waves as you indulge in our authentic and delectable cuisine.Book a table at Italian at the Pacific and experience some of the finest dining Byron Bay has to offer.
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