Tandoori Sizzler Indian Restaurant - Dural Pubs Sydney

Tandoori Sizzler Indian Restaurant

entertainment | Dural NSW 2158

(02) 9651 4451
524 Old Northern Rd, Dural NSW 2158

Our secret is: we are driven to provide our guests with food that will not only fill the stomach but soothe the mind and warm the soul.

Since Tandoori Sizzler was established in 1991, we have successfully cultivated a culture of providing the best Indian food there is. Since its inception all those years ago, Tandoori Sizzler has thus become an outstanding presence at Round Corner Dural.

Tandoori Sizzler is run and operated by the Mulla Brothers, who are, in their own right, Master chefs. Their knowledge of spices and a deep love of fresh food, allows Tandoori Sizzler to be a cut above the rest. They understand the true value of roasting and combining aromatic spices that goes into making a sumptuous meal.